One on One JARC Volunteers

When: September 14, 2017
Contact: Jorie Glassner at jorieglassner@jarc.org
Type of Volunteer: Adult
Activity: Adults With Disabilities
General Support
Older Adults
Social Action
Time Commitment: Flexible
Summary: Build a relationship with one of the people we serve.
This is a recurring event, 92 of 100, occuring weekly. (first occurence)

Volunteer Opportunity Details


Become a friend to one of our JARC folks! As a one-on-one volunteer, you will be paired with a person JARC serves and plan an activity to do together.

This is a great way to get to know JARC and build a relationship with a person we serve.

Please register at http://www.jarc.org/volunteer


JARC Homes throughout Oakland County.