JARC's Handyman Helpers

When: September 14, 2017
Contact: Jorie Glassner at jorieglassner@jarc.org
Type of Volunteer: Adult
Activity: Adults With Disabilities
Professional Services
Time Commitment: Flexible
Summary: Handyman Helpers is a new volunteer opportunity with JARC and as a member of this team, you will keep our homes looking beautiful!
This is a recurring event, 92 of 100, occuring weekly. (first occurence)

Volunteer Opportunity Details


We are looking for volunteers with professional skills in painting, drywall, and other basic home repair. Your volunteer service will be on an as needed basis.

In order to be assigned to this role, you will need to provide documentation that demonstrates your skills, such as professional licenses, before your first volunteer experience.

Our Handyman Helpers will work with our Maintenance Team to help keep our homes looking beautiful and in excellent condition.

This is a unique and wonderful way to give back to JARC!


JARC Homes throughout Oakland County.